Monday, January 15, 2007

Site Section: Transcendental Method as EDUCATION

Transcendental Method as Education


Here, we invite participants to share your experiences and explorations of the meaning of transcendental method ("insight stories") as you come into awareness of your own conscious activities that are that awareness. Included are classrooms (informal and formal) and curricula for developing and for teaching self-reflection in terms of the transcendental method-the-theory and its call for critical self-knowledge.

We welcome dialogue, reports on educational projects, descriptions of curricula, etc., devoted to teaching transcendental method.


TO provide an interactive, informal and-or formal educational forum and method, first, for personal and institutional foundational review and development; and, second, for personally exploring and self-verifying transcendental method-the-reality through the use of transcendental method-the-theory.

TO reveal, and to assist readers in the recovery of, the relationships between, first, the personal domain and the scientific-theoretical domain and, second, the subject and the object as one-complex and dynamic whole.

TO provide the pedagogy for a self-conscious inspection, discovery, and differentiation of mind.

TO develop a working theory of knowledge for general consumption that matches (is isomorphic with) the history of scientific discovery, as well as all practical commonsense developments in all cultures over all of history. To do so while maintaining, fostering, and employing the critical components that scientists and scientific method bring to the dialogue; and by maintaining, fostering, and employing the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development of all persons concerned.

TO recover philosophy as emerging from the questioning-philosophic spirit in all of us, as personal-and-cultural reflective development in the history of human beings, and as a relevant and potent function of all concrete human living.

TO make transcendental method (both its reality and its theoretical expression) explicitly accessible for critical applications in education and for educators in many different fields and dialogue forms.

TO explore how, as explicit, transcendental method-the-reality is trans-cultural foundation of, and as personally verified, provides a reflective source of unification for, all inquiry, all education, all creative development, and all culture.

TO show how differentiation of mind, self-correction, creativity, and self-appropriation provide the unifying and authentic foundations for an adequate integration of all other study, including that developed on other aspects of this website.

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