Thursday, January 14, 2010

Suspension of Web Development

A group of around 25 people began this web-project back in 2006. However, SSI has suspended its efforts at website development because of lack of institutional support, funding, and technical expertise. We are leaving this webpage up so that the distinctions set herein are available to any who wants to avail themselves of the order of thought behind this development. Also, many in the the loosely-formed SSI group have added their names to the also loosely formed SGEME group (The Society for the Globalization of Effective Methods of Evolving) spearheaded by Phil McShane and Robert Henman (

Both groups are made up of those who are interested in developing and forwarding the fundamental movements in Bernard Lonergan's work. Also, see my paper on issues pertaining to developing and forwarding that work at:

11-07-12 UPDATE: See the new interactive Lonergan forum/website: The Lonergan Forum Team or C. King:

05-27-13 UPDATE:    Finding the Mind: Pedagogy for Verifying Cognitional Theory was published in June of 2011. For introductory material for that text, and for a paper given at the West Coast Methods Conference at Loyola Marymount University in Lost Angeles in April 2013, see googledoc links below. I am presently working on detailed syllabi for use in university and K-12 courses. 

Text introduction for readers familiar with Lonergan and philosophical study:

For readers UNfamiliar with Lonergan and philosophical study:

WCMI Paper:!128&cid=bd9ad3e0b916d49f&app=Word&authkey=!AEfzaYJH3ae3cgo

University Press of America/Lanham MD

 I welcome any dialogue about bringing the basics of Lonergan's work to education.  Catherine B. King