Monday, January 15, 2007

Site Section: INTRODUCTION to Transcendental Method



This section tells about the site itself. It is also for newcomers to philosophy and-or to transcendental method (TM). It tells who "we" are and gives an overview of transcendental method and how it is unique and relevant to all study—the sciences, natural and human, and to historiography, hermeneutics, the arts, philosophy and theology, and to common living. This section also provides a forum for an ongoing dialogue about TM and a place for you to tell your story about your experiences with your study of insight and your critical self-understanding. “Insight Stories” are also a part of the Educational section of the site.


TO provide an overview of the Tmethod site.

TO provide a brief explanation of general empirical (transcendental) method.

TO provide place for informal narratives, comments, and interaction between those new to the study of insight and those who have had some experience with and knowledge of it—Q&A.

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